Download My Most Popular Case Lists

Give yourself a head start and stay current with the case law. Who has time to read all the cases? Sometimes a criminal law litigator just wants a quick reference to see what has been happening in certain areas of the law. Download and get instant access to these clickable case lists.

My Most Popular Case Lists

DUI Case List

DUI law is always busy. There is a lot to stay on top of for Illinois lawyers.

Search & Seizure Case List

From month to month this case list changes the most. 

Evidence Case List

Wondering how the courts are skrewing with the rules of evidence?

Sentencing Case List

This is one of the areas where an attorney is most likely to make an error.

Drug Case  List

For most Illinois attorneys this is the most frequent felony they handle. Can't afford to miss something here.

Gun Case List

Illinois courts have been quite busy rewritting the gun law rules and procedures. 

Procedure Case List

Don't get ruled out on a technacality. Procedural rules are as important.

Trial & Defenses Case List

Anything can happen during a trial. Check out the things to avoid.

Sniff Drug Dog Case List

I put together a list of drug dog cases and resources for you. Here it is.